12 Feb


At the dawn of the Arab Spring in an ancient Jordinian town, an Iraq War veteran struggles to overcome the traumas of combat by taking on an entirely new and unexpected career: an action-film hero. At the same time, halfway around the world in a cozy North Philadelphia kitchen, his cousin takes on a heroic new role of her own: as the heart and soul of her crumbling community, providing hot meals and an open door for the needy.

The final installment in Hudes’s three-play cycle, which began with the Pulitzer Prize-finalist Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue and Pulitzer Prize-winner Water By the Spoonful, The Happiest Song Plays Last is about the search for redemption, humility and one’s place in the world.

Raíces Theatre Company Presents the last play in Hudes’s Elliot Triology ‘The Happiest Song Plays Last’, having produced a reading of the first part-‘Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue’ in 2015 then Raíces Artistic Director Victoria Pérez played Odessa in Road Less Traveled production of the second part of the trilogy ‘Water by the Spoonful’. Actor Anthony Alcocer will have played Elliot in all three plays! The play uses live puertorican jibaro music to merge the stories of the two worlds.

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